Refund policy

Before placing an order, you need to agree to the terms of this store by default:
· A piece of clothing is not a work of art. The production of goods, express delivery and other links are all manually involved, so it is normal for clothes to have defects or accidents. If you have any questions, please contact customer service first.
· We will bear corresponding responsibilities and obligations for any problems related to our store, please keep in touch.
· Our store cannot guarantee that buyers will not suffer any losses in any transaction.
· Since the products sold are all participating in limited-time promotions and a limited number of products, you must agree to the store’s refusal of refunds for any reason before placing an order.
· Mr. or Ms. who do not like to fully communicate with customer service before purchase due to their own reasons, or who are unwilling to communicate with customer service and discuss solutions after purchase, please move to another store.